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181 Paul A. David cites a death date of 1802 on Jan 4, 2010 Lauermann Peter
182 died of massive brain hemorage while drinking tea Loiselle Marie-Olivine Laura
183 death certificate: died primary overwork, contributory cerebral hemmorahage Loiselle Louis
184 Outremont, Quebec..............................

Town of Motherhouse of Srs du Sts Noms de Jesus et Marie 
Loiselle Marie Bertha Ozelina, aka Sr Marie Norbert
185 St Gertrud Katholich Kirch record of Confirmation of Otto, age 43, by Koln Katholich Bishop Joseph Clemens von Bayern, 1688-1723. Oldenburg had gone Protestant in 1555 some 139 years earlier. Lohne was under guidance of Bishop of Klon. Lutke Fortmann Otto
186 St Gertrud Katholich Kirch record of: 28 Dec 1734, p. 334 Lutke Fortmann Otto
187 Kotter Mohlenstede in Sudlohne Mohlenstedt Henrich Anton
188 Occupation: Hausfrau Mohlenstedt Maria Anna Clementina
189 died about 4 PM, resting comfortably in her bed at Lake Forest's Presbeteyrian Senior Living Home. Moran Eileen
190 Funeral Mass celebrated at St Mary's Catholic Church in Lake Forest Illinois. Moran Eileen
191 fell from train -- leg amputated -- died at 19 Morris James
192 Buried in Section Y, Block 8, Plot 3? Morris John
193 Died 9 March 1912 at 8AM of the grippe. (New World dated 9 March 1912)

Morris John
194 He became active as a Fenian and was the head-centre for the County of Carlow till his activities led to his incarceration and subsequent exile to the United States in 1866.

A surveyor by trade in Ireland upon establishing himself in the Chicago Irish Community, John became prominent in railway circles until his retirement in 1895.

He was a resident of Holy Family, Presentation, St Catherine's and St Thomas Aquinas' parishs.

The funeral was held from his home at 26N 52nd Avenue with his Son Rev. John S. Morris offering the Solemn Requiem Mass.

He is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois.

An Irish Newspaper published in 1866 in the Dublin, Ireland vicinity tells the following story.

Fenagh, Sunday February 25th, 1866
John Morris, the notorious head center for the County Carlow, was arrested this morning and is now a prisoner in Carlow goal. The importance of this arrst can scarcely be overestimated, when it is recollected that Morris for many months past, evaded the incessant searches of the police, owing to the widespread sympathy which he enlisted on his side in the districts of Fenagh and Myshall. He was one of the most active of the provincial Hear Centres, and was several times mentioned during the recent State trials as the consignee of a large number of the "rods" manufactured by the convict Moore.

As far as I can learn the police had no information whatever as to his precise whereabouts, so that his arrest reflects the more credit upon his captors. It appears that a party of five men, under the command of Constable Cox (in charge of the Myshall station) had been the entire Saturday night in search of Morris and as a last effort the entire party lay concealed within view of the house of the uncle of the famous Head Centre, a farmer named Edward Nolan, in the townland of Kilmaglash, near Fenagh. After remaining for about two hours - from five until seven o'clock - in ambush, they observed that the inmates were astir. The entire party proceeded to the house, which they surrounded, Constable Cox and two or three of the men entering it. They immediately rushed to the apartment where they thought it likely they would find Morris, and fortunately succeeded in effecting his arrest after a short but ineffectual struggle on his part to escape. He was instantly handcuffed and placed on his uncle's car (which happened to be in readiness at the time to convey the family to a distant chapel and was brought to Fenagh, where the constable took a second car and a party of police as an additional guard and conveyed him direct to Carlow goal, where he was safely lodged before even the rumor of his arrest got circulation. In the course of the day a number of the local magistrates attended at the goal and made arrangements for his safe keeping and, I understand, also conferred with the officer in command of the troops probably with the view of having military placed in charge of the goal. In addition to the 50 pounds offered by the government for the arrest of Morris, a second 50 pounds has been offered, I understand, by Arthur Kavanaugh, Esq., Borris House.----Saunders 
Morris John
195 taught at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland Morris John
196 Also Pastor of St. Monica's Morris John Sheridan, Fr.
197 Founder and Pastor of St Felicitas Catholic Church and Parish Morris John Sheridan, Fr.
198 John was born when his parents were communicants of Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica Parish [3121 Jackson Ave][1874] located on the west side of Chicago, a very strong Irish Community of Chicago. Morris John Sheridan
199 Ordination: June 9, 1900 Morris John Sheridan, Fr.
200 Section: Y, Block 8, Plot 3? Morris John Sheridan
201 died of pneumonia at age 17 Morris Mary Jane
202 Lives at 2922 W. Congress St. Chicago during early childhood, .....abt 1907 to 1920. She resides on the first floor of a 2-flat with her Mother, Father, and two Brothers. Her Mother's sister, Mary Jane Hooley Dunn [Grandma Dunn] also resides with her husband Joseph Dunn in the same building on the second floor. Her Mother, Elizabeth Francis is suffering from severe asmha. Her Father Robert Morris owns and operates a very successful high-end meat market on Chicago's "Gold Coast."  Morris Mary Madeline
203 Mary Madeline has recorded in her personal Bible that her birth date was 17 June 1908. She probably recorded this about 1950 when she thought she was 42. It therefore came as a complete surprise to her to learn in 1969, when she applied for Social Security and had to present a copy of her Birth Certificate, that she was really born in 1907 and thus a year old than she had always thought. David Fortman holds this Bible. Morris Mary Madeline
204 By 1951, at age 49, Robert is aware that he has heart trouble. His doctor has warned him and he shall die of a heart attack in his apartment, 2 blocks south of Howard Street with his wife Ruth at his side.
His days with the IC [Illinois Central Railroad] as it's chief rate setter shall end. 
Morris Robert Emmett, II
205 Dies of Pernicious Anemia at age 56....within the next decade a cure is discovered.

His wife Elizabeth Francis having predeceased him by 8 years (1915) due to severe asthma, he leaves his children Madeline, age 16, Robert, age 20, and John, age 18 to the care of Mary Jane Dunn, his sister-in-law.

Mary Jane has assisted with the care of the children since her sister died 8 years earlier, the children then being, 8,12,and 10 respectively.  
Morris Robert Emmett
206 Robert Emmett owned and managed a high-end delicatessen on Chicago's Northside district known as "The Gold Coast." He specialized in the finest aged meats and required his sons, Robert II and John deliver to customers after they finshed their afternoon classes at Loyola Academy on Sheridan Road. In those days public transportation fares varied with the length of the trip. The boys were given the exact fares for their destination and return....a mistake meant you might walk. The store was immensely successful and Robert Emmett invested wisely prior to his death at 56 in 1923. Standard Oil of Indiana was one of his favorite stocks. His Son's John and Bob continued this savings philosophy and they weathered the depression very successfully. Morris Robert Emmett
207 Funeral 10AM High Mass at St Jerome's Roman Catholic Church from home of Son at 1829 Greenleaf St.
source: Chigago Tribune 10 Dec 1921 
Muno Elizabeth
208 buried next to Elizabeth and Peter Muno's grave in St Henry's Cemetery Muno Mary
209 Obit: Chicago Trbune, 9 Nov 1903 Muno Mary
210 Peter Muno owned 80 acres "west" of the "Ridge". He came from the City of Damflos, Province of Trier, Germany and upon arrival in 1845 built a farmhouse at 7504 Ridge Ave. The area was known as Ridgeville at the time and was incorporated under that name in 1850.

His neighbor and fellow Damflos Countryman, Johann Peter Schmitt (Schmidt)had settled Ridgevlle 3 years earlier at 6800 Ridge, about a mile south of him.  
Muno Peter (Child # 6 of Johannes & Anna Maria Claud)
211 Birth records of his children indicate Peter immigrated to US in late 1855, 1856 or early 1857. His daughter Catherine, born in 1857 is born in Illinois.

There are at least 2 Peter Muno's who immigrate to the US and they are probably cousins from Damflos, Rheinland, Germany.

This Peter is a cousin of Peter Muno (b. 15 Oct 1807 Damflos) and their common ancestor may be Mathias Muno (b. 31 Aug 1745 ) near Damflos Germany.

At least 18 Muno's have been identified as living in the 1700's in the Damflos area and this strongly suggests there were two family lines since the Muno births would have been at least 26 and a more realistic statistical calculation taking into account missing records would suggest a total Muno population in the 40's.  
Muno Peter (Child of Christian & Catherine Demple)
212 Muno children grave sites are known to exist in St Joseph Cemetery in River Grove, IL.  Muno Peter (Child of Christian & Catherine Demple)
213 Occupation: Zeller Hinners (Alberts) in Nordlohne Nordlohne Johnnas
214 Fought in Spanish American War; contracted Malaria and died shortly thereafter. Paschke John J.
215 Not known as a relative. Phillipp Anna
216 also noted as um.. 1764 Roderbach by Alfred Phillipp Maria Magdalena
217 also spelled as Philipp Phillipp Maria Magdalena
218 Jacob's name on his immigration record at Castle Garden, NY shows his name as "Philippi" and his landing on the "Flora" on 17 June 1842 with his wife Catherine, daughter Elizabeth, Brother Casper, brother ??, and Cousin Maria. Phillipp, a.k.a. Philippi, a.k.a. Phillips Jacob
219 from Dee Burns Maroney 8/18/13 Phillipp, a.k.a. Philippi, a.k.a. Phillips Peter
220 Elizabeth Phillip, age 9, ("Philippi" on her immigration record) arrives at Castle Garden, Manhatten, New York from LeHavre, France, last home Damflos, Germany aboard the Clipper "Flora", on 17 June 1842, in the company of her Father, Jacob, age 34, her Mother, Katherina Kolhass, age 28, her brother Casper, age 6, her brother, ??, age 2, and her Aunt (most probably)or cousin, Maria, age 22, .......................the "Philippi" spelling is probably a Clerk's phonetic spelling and probably not the name on a German Church birth record which is most probably "Phillip". The name "Philippe" is usually French; the name "Phillips" is usually English and in Germany "Phillip".  Phillipp, aka Philippi Elizabeth
221 Elizabeth's name is spelled "Phillippi" on her immigration landing record at Castle Garden, New York. Phillipp, aka Philippi Elizabeth
222 It's 1871 and Elizabeth, age 39, husband Peter and 8 children have moved into their new house at 6836 N Ridge. It has taken a year to build because the Civil War had disrupted things like marble production in Georgia. It's October the Great Chicago Fire is raging 4 miles away and Peter has taken the carriage to bring back relatives from the center of the inferno.............but,the house lacks a 1st floor kitchen........the necessary cooking is accomplished in the cool basement kitchen..............the great Fire has left much destruction.........1872, it is time to build a 1st floor kitchen. Bricks from the Great Fire will become the walls and it will be a grand kitchen, 16 X 15, with magestic windows in the west wall, the south wall and a small one in the north wall to keep out the winter cold................1873, the kitchen is finished and Elizabeth has just picked out her "Oil Cloth" for the lath and plaster walls. It is a lovely cream color with the latest fashion in aquamarine dapples, dapples the size of a child's small fingernail..............the well for water is just outside the south wall; next to the bottom of the farmer's porch stairs along the south wall.
What a grand kitchen..............Elizabeth will spend 13 years in this kitchen and deliver 2 more babies in this house. She will die in 1884 at 52 as the truly "Grand Dame" of the Philipp-Schmidt Lineage...............................Today, that same kitchen has had a curved brick fireplace added and it's walls are now cherry-wood panneled. Elizabeth's relatives of 4 and 5 generations later, numbering about 30, still gather for Christmas and 4th of July in her favorite kitchen. 
Phillipp, aka Philippi Elizabeth
223 John Muno said: "Peter Muno came with Peter Phillips father in 1842." "Phillips owned 60 acres north of Toughy, from Western to Ridge."
"Peter Phillip was President of Rogers Park Boards." 
Phillips Peter
224 occupation: farmer Polking Anton aka Anthony
225 Accidental death Polking Clemens
226 Hired Man at Polkings House in Sudlohne Polking Clemens
227 occupation: Hired Man at Polkings Hause in Sudlohne Polking Clemens
228 daughter of the owner of the Polking Farm, 243 acres in Sudlohn, Germany and neighboring farmers to the Fortmann aka Kleinefortmanns of Meinke Tom Vorde, abt 1510 lineage.  Polking Gertrud
229 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Polking Helen [Helena]
230 Herbert Polking, age 30, as its teacher reopened Sudlohne's local one-room elementary school in 1772 after the school stood vacant for 70 years from 1702. Herbert shall die at age 49 and thus pass headmastership on to Anton Fortmann. Polking Herbert
231 Heuermann in Sudlohne Polking Hermann
232 Occupation: Zeller Polking Hermann
233 Occupation: Zeller Polking Johann Hermann
234 Occupation: Zeller Polking Johannes Bernd
235 Heuerling in Sudlohne Polking Werner Twin
236 Zeller Polking Polking aka Polkink Gerd [Gerhardt]
237 Occupation: Zeller Polking aka Polkink Hermann
238 26 March 2012, 3:15PM Arlington National Cemetery Washington D.C. Capt. Lawrence E. Raferty is Memorialized in a Service attended by his Widow, Francis Fortman Rafferty, his children, grandchildren, two Fortman Families, his sister, Rosemary Rafferty Beckman, age 93 and four Rafferty nieces and nephews. May he Rest in Peace where-ever this Warrior lies.  Rafferty Lawrence E., Captain USAF
239 ITINERY OF C-124 TAIL NUMBER 49-0244

1915 Zulu, Wednesday, 21 Mar 1951, C-124 Globemaster II departs Walker AFB, Roswell, NM with aircrews and equipment of the 509th Bomb Group, destination Lakenheath, England. Larry has driven from northern Illinois with a buddy to Walker AFB having just been activated for assignment to SAC.

2212 Zulu Touch down Barksdale AFB, Shreveport, LA Crew & Passengers remain overnight.

Thursday 22 Mar Brigadier General Paul Thomas Cullen and his Staff join the passengers and crew at boarding time. BG Cullen is the first Commander of 7th Air Group, Strategic Air Command, England. Destination Loring AFB, ME SAC B-36 Bomber Base.

0425 Zulu Thursday 22 Mar 1951 Departure for Loring AFB, ME. General Cullen's Staff Officers and Enlisted men on this plane are among the nation's top strategic bombing and nuclear weapons military experts. They are very valuable to the USAF as their joint knowledge covers the latest nuclear technology and tactics. Loring AFB has a Nuclear Weapons storage bunker to provide B-36's with these weapons. A C-124 is capable of carrying these 2,000 to 4,000 lb. weapons. There seems little reason to stop at Loring other than to load an unfused Nuke since the next landing is only a couple of hours away at Gander AB Newfoundland.

1230 Zulu Flight touches down at Loring AFB, Presque Isle, ME for refueling. (And loading?) Flight Crew files flight plan for final great circle route to Mildenhall RAFB, U.K, via Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.

Their route of travel is the Great Circle Track to cross the US & British weather ships spread across the north Atlantic between Newfoundland and England. These ships give on-the-hour weather reports and relay position reports to overflying aircraft. They can also verify an aircraft's position. They are in high frequency radio communication with Prestwick Scotland and US Command Centers. Aircraft status, and their ETA's are transmitted by these ships to aircraft and appropriate military sites in England and the US.
Soviet submarines and their radio trawler ships regularly monitor these communications and are known to be active in the vicinity of 4YJ. They have no compunction about capturing American servicmen for this is a tense era in the Cold War. Russia has just proven,by exploding an atom bomb that it has stolen the technology from the US. The Rosenberg's will be executed for delivering those secrets to Russian agents who have penetrated the State Dept., the Pentagon, and American Academia.

0100 Zulu Friday, 21 Mar 1951, 6PM [Holy Thursday in Chicago], AF 0244 reports it's position to British ship 4YJ. Navigator, Capt Francis N Davis, employing Loran A equipment reports their position as 800 mi south west of Ireland. (No Navigator would report this way. He would give Longitude and Latitude down to the Minute.)

Rafferty Lawrence E., Captain USAF
240 The USAF C-124 aircraft Larry was aboard ditched, 453.1 miles SW of Shannon, Ireland in the north Atlantic enrought to Lakenheath RAFB, England.
This happened Holy Week Fri 23 Mar 1951.
One of the only items recovered was Larry's B-4 bag located floating in the debris field by Naval vessels.  
Rafferty Lawrence E., Captain USAF

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