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241 It fell to George to tear down the family greenhouses in 1928 as competition in the south made Chicago production to costly to continue. Reinberg George
242 By 1870 Henry owned and operated 2,000,000 sq feet of greenhouses clustered along Belmont Ave near the Lake. Henry was recognized as the single largest grower of carnations and roses in the world. Reinberg Heinrich
Died at home at 1944 Morse Ave, Chicago, Illinois 
Reinberg Katherine (Anna Katherina)
244 Katherine's family, the Reinberg's, lived in the Lakeview area of present day Chicago. Today that area overlooks Belmont Harbor on Lake Michigan and is a very affluent northern district of the City. Reinberg Katherine (Anna Katherina)
245 Peter Reinberg is memorialized as a City of Chicago Councilor on a bronze plaque, on a marble pillar on the ground floor of today's Chicago City Hall.
Peter served as a Councilor from 1905 to 1907; the period of time that the current City Hall was being built. Thirty-four years after the Great Fire of 1871 destroyed the wooden City Hall. 
Reinberg Peter
246 Peter was the Chicago politician in the Reinberg Family. In a heated argument with a political candidate, Peter accepted the man's challenge to run against him. And Peter won!
From 1902 to 1912 Peter was Alderman of the 26th Ward.
From 1912-1914 Peter was President of the Chicago Board of Education.
At the encouragement of his good friend, Fred Kranz, Peter worked on the idea of creating the Cook County Forest Preserve Board.
Peter was the first President of the Forest Preserve Board and was considered the "Father" of the forest preserve system. The Deer Grove (Palatine) Preserve was one of the first sites set aside as a preserve. A camp was started there for poor children of the city who rarely got a chance to be out in the country. The camp could accommodate 300-400 cildren. The Board names it Camp Reinberg in honor of Peter. The school at 3425 N. Major Ave in Chicago was named the Peter A. Reinberg School. 
Reinberg Peter
247 3/14/11 Jessica Nitch, related to the Reinberg's through George Reinberg, son of Henry, [] offers that Catherine's maiden name is Beck. This site contains only one Back, a girl named Catherine Beck born on 15 March 1853. Obviously this young lady is not in the Reinberg line but the evidence suggests the presence of the Beck family in the Lake View area. The 1850 Catholic Church records of Chicago can easily confirm this suggestion. Reinberg, nee [Beck] ??? Catherine, (wife of Henry)
248 A seamstress Scheit Margaretha
249 Anna Maria, the 2nd daughter and 3rd child of Peter and Maria disappears from the Schmidt Family records. She does not accompany her Sister, Maria Anna and her Brothers Jacob and Peter with their parents 23 years later............6/27/07 from Alfred Zender archives in Germany via Helmut Zender Schmitt Anna Maria
250 Baptismal record: Elizabetha Barbara, legitimate daughter of Peter Schmidt, Woodsman/Farmer, and Anna Marie Bruck, his wife, in Roderbach. Sponsors Johann Jakob Bruck, soldier, and Elizabeth Klos from Roderbach and Barbara Schmidt from Damflos. 25 Oct 2005 Schmitt Elizabetha Barbara
251 Johann Jakob Bruck, Anna Maria's oldest brother was the Baptismal sponsor for Anna's first born child, Elizabetha Barbara. Schmitt Elizabetha Barbara
252 Provided by Jeanine Scholtz 10/24/05 Schmitt Elizabetha Barbara
253 6/27/07 from Alfred Zender in Germany via Helmut Zender Schmitt Johann
254 Baptism in Marlborn, Germany, June 4th, 1826
Baptismal Sponsors:
Herr Johannes Charf
Margaretha Weber
both of Marlborn
Baby Johann, Peter and Anna Marie's 7th and last child, dies 41 days later and 14 years before his parents migrate to US in 1840. 
Schmitt Johann
255 Dies in Malborn, Germany at 41 days of age. Schmitt Johann
256 Grandson of Nikolaus Schmitt. b 1783 Schmitt Johann (Peter)
257 lived in Germany did not migrate Schmitt Johann (Peter)
258 Paten: Adam Baltes u. Johann Ernst Schmitt Johann Adam
259 4:30 PM August 6, 1827
The Catholic Church in Zuesch, Prussia, Germany

The old wooden Church is dank and steamy hot from the late summer heat. It has been a very dry summer and the crops and farmers have suffered. This is not rich wealthy farm land scattered among the great forests of western Germany. It is subsistance living on these small plots.

There is nary a breeze through the oaken wood Church doors opening to a view of the bubbling brook that merrily cascades down the mountainside and then slids silently under the little foot bridge leading to this lonely Catholic Church of Zuesch.

Sun filters through the stained glass windows, its late afternoon rays illuminating a small German family from Damflos, a mile north of here. They are gathered in grief.

Johann Peter Schmidt, age 39, gazes down upon the prostrate form of his 72 year old father, also called Johann Peter, resting upon a wooden burial plank in their small Catholic Church.
His Mother Anna Barbara Longfils, 66, quietly sobs at the loss of her beloved Peter of 46 years.

Peter's father has just died in the family thatched hut in Damflos on the edge of the great Medieval forests just north of Saarland from whence his grandfather, Johann George Schmidt, and great grandfather, Simon Schmidt had scraped a living as woodsmen. The small steel smelting plants of Saarland are voracious wood burners.

His father, Johann, had improved the family's lot by become a farmer and cultivating a small plot of land around Damflos. So much better than tramping the great forests west of the southern Rhine River and north of Saarbruken as a woodsman.

Standing behind Peter is his 35 year old wife Anna Maria Bruck holding the hands of his 3 year old fraternal twin Sons, Peter Jr. and Jacob. His 15 year old eldest daughter Elizabeth Barbara is holding the hands of her younger sisters, Anna Maria, age 10 and Maria Anna age 8. Son Johannes, age 10 months and who will die in these next few years, has been left in Damflos in the care of his Maternal Grandmother Maria Magdelena Bruck.

Tomorrow this family shall lay to rest their revered Father in the Church yard Cemetary next to his Grandson Johannes Peter who died in his 1st year in 1815.

Twelve years from now on July 15, 1839 Johann Peter (Sr) shall again gather his family here for the burial of his Mother Anna Barbara Longfils.

Ten months later, on May 2, 1840, after his Mother's passing, Johann Peter shall obtain a Prussian passport in Trier and journey to Reims, north of Paris and on to Le Havre to await passage. In late May or early May 1840 the family of five shall depart LeHavre for the United States via the Clipper Ship, "France" landing at New York City on July 27th, 1840.

Two years later, on May 10th, 1842, Johann Peter shall pay $100 for 45.63 acres of prairie-land 9 miles north of Chicago, a mile south of Indian Boundary Trail on Ridge Trail bordering Lake Michigan.

From the log cabin on Ridge Trail shall grow the Schmidt, Smith, and Fortmann, Fortman Lineage.  
Schmitt Johann Peter, Sr.'s Father
260 6/27/07 from Alfred Zender's archives in Germany via Helmut Zender Schmitt Johann Peter
261 Baptismal record of Roderbach, Germany: Johann Peter, legitimate son of Peter Schmidt, woodworker, and Anna Maria Bruck, married in Roderbach.
Sponsors: Johannes Schmidt, woodworker in Damflos and Peter Bruck of Roderback, soldier, and Anna Maria Bruck of Roderback, his Mother's Sister." 
Schmitt Johann Peter
262 Katholic Schmitt Johann Peter, Sr.'s Father
263 Little Johann, at 3 1/2 years old, as 1st Son and 2nd child of Peter Schmidt & Anna Maria Bruck, dies in Roderbach, Germany. Schmitt Johann Peter
264 Peten: Barbara Britzius u. Johanna Schmidt Schmitt Johann Peter
265 residing with daughter Elizabeth Webber at death at 4131 Ridge Blvd.. Schmitt Maria Katharina (wife of Peter Muno)
266 Wife of Peter Muno who married him in Germany in 1835, migrated to US with daughters Elizabeth, b 1939 and Mary b. 1842 and settled in Ridgeville in 1846.
This detail from Chicago Tribune Monday, 9 Nov 1903
Other records indicate other children, Heinrich b. 1835 in Germany and daughters Margaret, b. 1845 and Catherine, b. 1855 were born in US. 
Schmitt Maria Katharina (wife of Peter Muno)
267 probably related to Simon Schmitt

grandfather of Johann Peter Schmitt b. 4 Jul 1792

source: Claudia Schmitt Jan 29, 2012 
Schmitt Nikolaus
268 Paten: Joh. Theobald Schank, Sotern J Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt Johann Georg
1880 Census: Mary is widowed, lives with her son Adam 
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt Maria Anna
270 6/27/07 from Alfred Zender' archives in Germany via Helmut Zender Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt Maria Anna
271 buried beside her husband, Johann Zender Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt Maria Anna
272 At first lived in Zuesch until 1759, then Neuhutten until 1765, then Znsershutten Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt Simon
273 A Justice of the peace in the 1860's. Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith (Twin) Peter, Jr
274 Oath Sworn, 9 April 1853
Peter Smith, age 28, having been elected Clerk of the Town of Ridgeville, made the following affdavit before Ebenezer Bennet, J.P., on the 9th day of April 1853:
"I do solemnly swear that I have not fought a duel, nor sent or accepted a challenge to fight a duel, the probable issue of which might have been the death of either party, nor been a second to either party, nor in any manner aided or assisted in such duel, nor been knowingly the bearer of such challenge or acceptance, since the adoption of the Constitution, and that I will not be so engaged or concerned directly or indirectly in or about any such duel during my continuance in office.
So help me God.  
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith (Twin) Peter, Jr
275 1850 Census:...Ridgeville, Cook Co., Illinois: Johann Peter Sr, (age 62), and Anna Maria, (age 58), are living in the original log cabin at abt. 6806 N Ridge Rd. next door to Peter Jr and wife Elizabeth in their new 2-story wooden frame house at abt. 6816 N. Ridge Rd.

Johann Peter Sr and Anna Maria's Son (Peter Jr's twin brother) Jacob Bruck Schmidt (26)(he has taken his mother's maiden name)...he is Jacob Bruck on the Census, Jacob Schmidt on the living with his Father & Mother in the log cabin.
(see Jacob Smith for the story of a tragic death in the wild west of Aspen Colorado.)

In Peter Jr.'s big new house little Peter K. (III)(1850) is in his mother Elizabeth's (age 18)arms and she pregnant with the future Baby Jacob (1851)....13 more to come.

Things must be going well on the farm 9 miles north of Chicago {population 29,963 and growing rapidly.}

Peter Jr., (age 26), has just last year on May 18th, purchased from his father the farm of 45.63 acres for $400.00...wages at this time are $4.00 per week or $200 per year. 
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
276 1860 Census: Johann Peter Sr & Anna Maria have left the log cabin and are residing in Dubuque Co, Iowa with now married Jacob and his wife and family. Appears that Mother Anna Maria and son Jacob are close.

Twin Brother Peter Jr. is a very independent farmer businessman and will shortly (31 Mar 1864 and 18 Aug 1870) buy 2 additional 25 acre plots of land east of Ridge between Pratt and Toughy. He buys these two plots from the Railroad now that it has determined its right-of-way need for the tracks to Milwaukee.

Peter Jr's sons in later years would climb the big poplar tree in the back of the 1871 - 6836 N Ridge - house to enter their 2nd story bedrooms; thus avoiding their awaiting Father states Louisa Smith, his daughter.  
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
277 1870 Census: Johann Peter Sr, (age 82), and wife Anna Maria, (age 78), are back at the 6816 Ridge 2-story wooden frame house with Peter Jr & Elizabeth and their 10 children (some of whom are about to marry.)

Peter Jr. is in the process of building the new Victorian brick house just a few hundred yards north at 6836 Ridge. (still standing today and still in the family) The mason's have just dug the 100 ft long trench (3ft wide and 2ft deep) so the wagons can dump the lime for mortar-making that will take a year to work before construction begins. The carpenter has quoted and will build for $106.00 (about 6 months work.) The Georgian marble for the fireplace was ordered a year ago but the Civil War has eliminated that source in Georgia and so Michigan veined-white marble will be used instead to create the Paris apartment style fireplace in the front parlor. The 2 Eisenglass stoves, for heating the upstairs and downstairs, will come later. Heating stones on them to place at the foot of your feather-bed will help with the winter nightly cold.

The population of rabid foxes is up this August and so the men keep their 45 caliber Colt "Peacemakers" close with the rifles in the kitchen "just in case." The family dog was bitten last year and went mad in the orchard and hung himself with his chain. Brother Mike grabbed little sister Louisa when the dog first showed foam, shoved her in the house, grabbed his rifle and chained the dog. Those "Dog Days" of August!!!

The ice-house, in August, still has blocks from the February cutting of inland-lake-ice and if you are a good kid you can get a shaving to cool you in all this heat.

Good times are here and the relocation from Malborn/Damflos was worth it all.

Elizabeth will yet have 2 more children in the new house, Louisa and Mathias, before she dies in 14 years at age 52 in 1884 leaving Louisa, age 13, as woman of the house. Elizabeth's Mother-in-Law, Anna Maria Bruck, has died in the house 5 years earlier and is at rest in St. Henry's Cemetery with her husband Peter Sr. The Cemetary is just 4 block's south on sandy old Ridge Trail.

Louisa never knew her three older sisters Mary, who died at age 4 (1857), Catherine who died in her 1st year (1855)and sister Elizabeth who also died when she was 1, (1857). Sister Anna is 22,(1862), married and thus consummed with her family's needs. The deaths of these sisters is during the cholera epidemic of the 1850's that took thousands of Chicagoans. But being 9 miles north of the City it is doubtful the Girls were victims of Cholera. Unless? Contageous? Could a father or brother have carried it?

Louisa shall provide for her Dad, Peter Jr., who sends her to Paris in 1889. She was the apple of her father's eye. She visits relatives in Damflos/Malborn. She climbs the newly built Eifel elevators in those days...and returns with the news of relatives. Her chaperone was 60 year old Herr Muno a relative also escorting his teenage neice.

When her mother Elizabeth dies Louisa's house has Father, Peter Jr, age 60, brother's: Mathias, age 10, Charles, age 15, Andrew, age 17, and Phillip age 19.

She marries at age 24 and 10 years after her Mother's death Frederick Fortmann (from the 2nd farm on Robie St just south of Henry Fortman's farm which abuts their own) on 25 April 1894 in St. Henry's Catholic Church (the second wooden Church...after its predecessor the original 1850 small wood Church).

Frederick joins her in her father's house on Ridge. There are only her Father, herself and her husband in the house when she marries. Her father will be with her another 8 years. (He dies intestate in 1902 leaving a legal nightmare.)

She will have 4 sons, Fredrick, Lawrence, Edmund (these 3 would know with faint memory their Grandpa)and Joseph in the house. Four boy's is enough...Frederick Fortmann is moved into the new Sun-Room in 1909. It has just been added to the house on the south-side. No pills in those days. Louisa is 35. 
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
278 A woodsman/farmer from Damflos, Prussia, Germany Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
279 Burial Expenses of Peter Schmidt Sr:

recorded on ledger page dated "1 Jul 1875"

"funeral & expenses of Father (Peter I) $43.50"

"for burial expenses:....................10.50"

"July 10 Cash to Mother:................10.00"

Cash for Lot:...................5.00"

On a separate hand Receipt:

"Received Evanston Ill July 10 1875"

"of Peter Smith Esq. the sum of five dollars for lot in St. Henry's Burial ground in the Town of Lake View Cook County Il."

Annie Murphy

on an additional hand receipt:

"Received of P. Schmitt for $19.00 on account of a Cemetery Lot No 4

J. N. Duluer

additional receipt 1850's

Mr. Wac. Glau??in and Edward Murphy worked out.
Rcvd. Ctax in full. for Bishop O Regan in District 184 in the Town of Evanston on Lot #1: 77 acres $3.85 and lot # 2 40 ac $2.00 = $5.85

Jacob Philip Overseer of Highways in District Po.4 Evanston

Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
280 May 1840, the Port of LeHavre, France, the Port Emmigration Officer records on Johann Peter Schmidt's Passport that he is carrying 6,000 French Francs. At the then prevailig foreign exchange rate of $0.193 franc = $1.00, Johann Peter is carrying $1158.00 US dollars.

The inflation rate from 1840 to 2007 being approximately 300 times the 1840 dollar, Peter is carrying approximately $347,400 in 2007 dollars.

Peter and family shall spend $40 for passage across the Great Lakes, $100 for land in Chicago, with the rest going to ship passage across the Atlantic, living expenses in New York, and enough to develop the farm on Ridge Trail. 
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
281 Sailed from Le Havre, France in late May or early June 1840 aboard the Bath, Maine, 440 ton Clipper "France", Master: John H. Marshall.

Arrived New York 27 July, 1840, (age 52), with his wife, Anna Maria Bruck, (age 48), and three of his seven children, Peter Jr.,(age 16), his twin brother, Jacob, and their sister, Maria Anna,(age 21).

Daughters: Elizabeth Barbara Schmidt, (b. 20 Nov 1812) and Anna Maria Schmidt, (b. 2 Aug 1817) are not on the ship's manifest or the passport of May 2, 1840.

At age 28, it is reasonable to assume that Elizabeth Barbara is married and remains in Germany with her husband. Her spouce's name remains unknown.

At age 23, it is also reasonable to assume the same for Anna Maria Schmidt.

A son, Johannes Peter, having died in infancy at age <1, 1815, Malborn)and his brother Johannes (dying at birth, 1826, Malborn, no baptismal record,) are no longer part of the family.

Documents show Johann Peter Schmidt's name as Schmitt, Schmit, and Schmidt. He Americanized the name to Smith. 
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
282 The earliest known written record available of Johann Peter's name is his Jan 1, 1810 marriage certificate showing his marriage to Anna Maria Bruck. (see Photo 67) His name is spelled Johann Peter SCHMITT.

The next document, his May 2, 1840 Passport, he signs as SCHMIT. (see photo 48, lower left corner.)

On this same Passport, issued by a clerk in Trier, Germany his name is written by the clerk as SCHMIDT. (see photo 48, top right.)

The Clipper ship FRANCE's passenger manifest shows SCHMIDT, indicating it was copied by the ship's burser from Johann Peter's passport.

Walter Petto, German Geneologist, lists Johann Peter's name as SCHMITT, in his book "Einwohner von Zusch, Neuhutten, Damflos 1574 - 1820." Petto's source was probably Johann's 25 Feb 1788 christening record in the Catholic Church of Zusch, Germany. His actual birth date was probably 1 to 5 days earlier. And being a home birth unrecorded and remembered only by his Mother, Anna Barbara Longfils.

The weight of evidence therefore suggests the German Family name was SCHMITT although United States Family history from 1850 to the present records the name as Schmidt, which was taken from the Passport.

Johann Peter Americanized the name to SMITH around 1850. 
Schmitt a.k.a. Schmidt a.k.a. Smith Johann Peter, Sr
Buried on the Smith Plot. See Smith Monument. 
Schneible Mollicone Rosemarie
284 Occupation: Zeller Bartels Krimpenfort Schomaker Theodor
285 "the obit of Agnes Smith Sellinghausen indicates that in 1879 she settled with both her parents (Jacob Bruck Schmidt Smith, 1823, & Barbara Agnes, 1826) along the Pueblo River in Pitkin County, Colorado. Provided by Allyson 10 Oct 2005 Smith Agnes
buried in same cemetery as her sister Helen Amelia (Lena) Smith 
Smith Barbara Agatha (Bebbie)
287 Ordained a Jesuit Priest abt. 1916 Smith Francis John (Frank)
288 George Smith's brother Andrew dies 28 Aug 1948.

Andrew's widow is Marcella Greene (Smith.)

George marries Andrew's widow and they live in George's house on Farwell; up the street from Hamilton Street. 
Smith George
Never Married 
Smith Helen Amelia (Lena)
290 Baby Ada, less than 2 weeks old, has her Father Peter K. Smith III die shortly after she is born. This is 1896.
Her mother Kathrine, with 10 living children, the oldest 19, is given, by her Reinberg family, a greenhouse to run with the understanding that she would use the profits to support herself and her children.
The children helped in the greenhouse and additional help was hired.
Her Reinberg Family owned successful greenhouses. 
Smith Henrietta Mary (Ada)
291 A policeman in the 1890's in Evanston/Chicago. Smith Michael
death certificate in hands of Roberta at 1 Nov 2005 
Smith Peter K., III
293 Phillip was Commissioner of Indian Boundary Park at the turn of the Cenury. Smith Phillip
294 Her husband Jim Geshay and daughter Madeline Geshay were absent from the home address when Julie was stricken. Upon their return they discovered Julie. 911 was called and she was rushed to a Racine hospital where shortly thereafter she was pronounced dead. Sohn Julie Ann
295 First Spodens come from Obergeckler, Deutchland

Hubert from Allerborn, Luxembourg.

Sponden name is now lost in Allerborn as Hubert sister married Adam Thilges and no additional Spoden males in Allerborn. 
Spoden Hubert
296 Occupation: Textile maker, a weaver Spoden Hubert
297 Education: At: Elses in Lorraine, France south of home. Went to Paris with sister Catherina to study sewing. Spoden Marie (a.k.a. Mary)
298 Occupation: A Seamstress. As a teenager in Lukembourg walked across mountains on Sundays to the home of a wealthy couple to do laundry and mending.  Spoden Marie (a.k.a. Mary)
299 Religion: Roman Catholic Spoden Marie (a.k.a. Mary)
300 Rev Pastor Bernard Heinrich Topp was Pastor of St Gertrud's Catholic Church in Lohne, Germany from 1766 to 1808 (44 years) until he died at the age of 98. He was the Priest who Baptized, Married, and Buried 3 generations of Sudlohne Fortmann's.  Topp Bernhard Heinrich

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